Introduction to Node.js Talk

My good friend Chander Dhall, has asked me to fill in for him on Monday, January 14th, in front of the Meetup group, HTML5/Node.js Los Angeles. The title of the presentation is, Introduction to Node.js. I am really excited to do this talk, as you might guess by some of my posts, I am a […]

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Calculator Updated

I made a few fixes to JQM Calculator. All of the modifications were made to the JavaScript file, app.js. The first bug revealed itself after I ported the app to PhoneGap. During testing on both my iPhone and Nexus One, it was unacceptably sluggish. After spending sometime analyzing the code I realized that I had […]

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jQuery Mobile Charts

The Plot Chart Numeric data quickly becomes difficult for us humans to understand. Once the number of rows or columns in a table passes two or three, the meaning quickly becomes harder to grasp. The easiest way to give meaning to numeric data is to display it as a chart. Unfortunately jQuery Mobile doesn’t have […]

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jQuery Mobile Skeleton App

The skeleton on Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android Most modern IDEs include templates, a way to begin a new project without having to write all of the code from scratch. In order to speed up and standardize my jQuery Mobile development, I created a skeleton. The skeleton serves the same purpose as a template […]

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