PhoneGap Calculator

A lot of beginning PhoneGap developers have asked me if I had a simple PhoneGap tutorial. They didn’t want anything complicated. No Backbone, no jQuery Mobile, no ChocolateChip-UI, just plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So I brought back one of my favorite tutorials, a calculator, stripped it down almost to the bare metal. I […]

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jQuery Mobile: Live Demos

Android Emulator While having the complete source code for an app is extremely valuable, being able to see a working version  of it also helps. For that reason I have many of my jQuery Mobile tutorial apps available on my Demo site.Each of the examples is intended to run from a smart phone or from either the […]

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jQuery Mobile Calculator

Click here for a PhoneGap Calculator WORKING DEMO Here is an easy to get your head around jQuery Mobile (JQM) project, a simple calculator. I like this project because it helps to break want-to-be web app program out of the web site mentality. The entire app consist of a single page and about 200 lines […]

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