Preparing for the MEAN Stack Workshop

In order to maximize our time together for learning the MEAN stack, please take care of the following before the workshop. The total time to install of the software should be less than an hour. If you have question please contact me via email:

  1. Install a web development IDE
    1. For the workshop I will be doing everything in WebStorm. If you are accustomed to a different IDE for web development you may use it but you must know how to use it. I unfortunately won’t be able to give you much advice on using any of IDEs there are available. WebStorm is a paid application but has a 30 day free trial version available.
  2. Install Git
    1. We will be using Git Bundles for the workshop. They will allow us to advance through the course together and recover from hard to find coding bugs.
    2. Git is free.
  3. Install Node.js
    1. We all will need node.js installed on our development machines. If you have a version older than 4.0 please upgrade.
  4. Upgrade npm
    1. NPM is installed with node.js but the version installed is usually out of date with the current release. Please upgrade it by entering the following command at terminal / command prompt
    2. npm install npm -g
  5. Heroku
    1. We will deploy our finished app to Heroku, a cloud based hosting platform. Developer accounts are free. Please sign up now. If you already have an account, please be sure to have at least one free application slot for the workshop.
  6. MongoLab
    1. MongoLab is a fully managed MongoDB-as-a-service provider and a partner of Heroku. Will host our MongoDB service on it instead of install Mongo on our own machines. MongoLab also gives us a free developers account tied to our Heroku account.
    2. Nothing more to do
  7. MongoChef
    1. MongoDB includes a REPL, but using it quickly gets tiresome. Instead we will use a GUI based program, MongoChef. It has a free non-commercial version that we will use for the workshop.

It is super important that we take care of everything on the list before the workshop. If we have to do it during the workshop, it means there is probably something that I have planned but we won’t have time to cover. If you have questions please feel free to contact me by email:

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