Upcoming Talks

Here are all of my upcoming talks. I will try to keep this list updated as events pass and new ones are added. The best way to get updates on my talks is to follow me on Twitter, @therockncoder.
  1. 24/25 October – WeLabs, Long Beach, CA
    Mongo, Express, Angular, & Node
  2. 29 October, 12 noon PST – Online (FREE)Intro to Angular 2.0https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-angular-20-tickets-18052103327
  3. 15/16 November – SoCal Code Camp, USC (FREE)
    Getting Ready for Angular 2: Fighting Fear with Code (FREE)
    Functional Programming in JavaScript (FREE)
  4. 18 November, 9AM PST – LearnNowOnline Webinar
    Getting Ready for Angular 2: Fighting Fear with Code
  5. 2 December – Calance, SoCal .NET
  6. 5/6 December – WeLabs, Long Beach, CA
    JavaScript Foundations Workshop
My video series on Ionic Framework is available now! Learn to:

  • Develop a hybrid mobile application with Ionic and AngularJS
  • Explore key commands of the Ionic CLI for an efficient development experience
  • Manage application data easily with AngularJS services and Ajax
  • Incorporate interactive mobile features to create intuitive user experiences
  • Beautify the application further by calling upon Cordova plugins
  • Fetch real-time data by making interactive calls to third-party websites
  • Deploy your application to the emulator for testing

    Find it at: https://www.packtpub.com/web-development/beginning-ionic-hybrid-application-development-video


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