Advanced AngularJS Class in Los Angeles

On Saturday, September 13th, I will be teaching an advanced AngularJS class at the ITT Technical Institute in Torrance California. Thanks to some corporate sponsors, we are able to charge only $79 for seven hours of instructions. 

In a similar vein to the beginning AngularJS class, you will learn by writing code, not by looking at slides. We will dive deep into some of the more advanced topics in AngularJS. We will write custom filters, go super deep into the heart of AngularJS: directives including understanding the difference between the compile and link phases. 

Promises are the most useful things introduced to JavaScript recently. We learn how to use them in AngularJS and why they make for cleaner, more maintainable code. 

Since the goal is always to build working software, we will also become intimate with ways of testing our apps. We will use Jasmine unit test to check our code’s correctness and Karma to check our app. 

If you don’t know AngularJS, this is not the class for you. We are assuming that everyone in the class knows the basics of ng development. Hint: the ng is a test, if you aren’t hip to it, take a beginner’s class. There is a newbie class on August 16th.

This will be a code packed day of AngularJS learning fun. Hope to see you there!


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