Beginning AngularJS Class in Los Angeles

On Saturday, August 16th, I will be teaching a Beginning AngularJS class at the ITT Technical Institute in Torrance California. Thanks to some corporate sponsors, we are able to charge only $89 for a full day class. 

What is AngularJS? It is an amazing client side MVC framework, sponsored by Google, which makes web apps easier to develop and test. Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS adds to what you already know about web development. 

This class is not for newbie developers. It is designed for developers who know how to code and would like to enhance their skill-set with AngularJS knowledge. We will not spend anytime talking about how to write web apps, JavaScript, HTML or CSS. Instead we start by learning AngularJS.

I would like to give a special invite to all of the jQuery developers out there. Tired of watching your code turn into to spaghetti? Well, AngularJS works well with jQuery. It is easy to turn jQuery UI widgets into predictable and well-behaved AngularJS directives.

As an added bonus, we will also deploy our apps using Firebase Hosting. While Firebase isn’t needed for AngularJS development, it provides free hosting for developers, plus when AngularJS is combined with their AngularFire, you get three way binding with your Firebase backend data. 

Worried you might not be able to run the exercises on your machine? Check out the pre-class notes. I list all of the apps and websites we will be using.

If this class seems too easy for you, please consider signing up for our advance class: AngularJS Deep Dive.

There is still time to sign up, but hurry this is a bargain price for what is going to be an epic day of development. 


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