Beginning Android Class in SoCal

Android is the hottest operating system on the planet, but it can be a pain to get up and going with it. You have to install Java, an IDE, the ADT, a bunch of SDKs, and emulators. Even once you get all that installed, getting an app working and then deploying it to the Google Play Store isn’t trivial either. 

So I’ve team up with the good people of the South Bay Mobile User Group to a two-day Beginning Android development class. Unlike other classes we will start you from the beginning and take you all the way to uploading your app to the store. 

Unlike other classes, I am going to show the tools and techniques used to build production software. So we won’t be bothering with a bunch of simple hello world apps. Instead we will build our own app by learning about lists, ajax calls, converting JSON into POJO, unit tests, and more. Once we are done, every student will customize the app and uploaded to the Google Play store. All of the source code is yours to keep.

Yes, we are charging for this class, but if you compare what you get to what it costs, you will find that it is a very good price. The class will be held on Saturday, May 10th and 17th in Torrance, CA which is super easy to get to from Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. Plus traffic won’t be an issue since the classes are on Saturday. For more information please check the South Bay Mobile User Group web site.

If you would like to see my teaching style and Android knowledge ahead of the class, please come to a regular SMUG meeting on April 24th. I will be demonstrating Android Wear’s preview SDK. 


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