Node, Express, and Kendo UI

For the last few months I have been getting into Kendo UI. Normally I am not a fan of other people’s UI frameworks, but I like the job Telerik has done with this package and I hate writing plumbing code. I mean how many times do you want to write a grid or other control?

I was having a bit of trouble with some aspects of the DataSource and Grid controls and happened across a tutorial video showing interfacing a KendoUI DataSource with a RESTful backend.

Only problem was that the author of the video left out some parts of how the app was built. So I decided to work out the missing bits on my own. This is a demo project to show how to combine a Node/Express RESTful backend with a KendoUI frontend.

In place of a proper database this app uses a JavaScript object, this is a demo after all. There is very little data checking going on here, so be careful.

I am not a huge fan of Jade, so I used Handlebars instead as my template engine. HBS allows me to use Handlerbars on the server side. Frankly the app doesn’t use templates much and everything could have been done with straight HTML, but I am probably going to expand the app in the future with templates on both the server and client sides.

I realize there isn’t a lot tutorial material, but look through the code and hopefully it will all make sense.  Once I have some free time, I hope to add more functionality to the app like MongoDB and a Backbone frontend.


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