PhoneGap Saturday in Los Angeles

Mobile is HOT. There is no better reason than that to attend my PhoneGap class on June 1st. I am doing this event with the good people at Los Angeles .NET Developers Group. This is your chance to learn mobile development with probably the easiest framework for those coming from web development. 

What is PhoneGap? PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about.

Now this is not a class for newbies! You must know how to code already, preferably JavaScript or some other curly braced language. You also must bring a laptop and be ready to learn.

This class is not free, but is priced at a very reasonable $50. For an all day session with breakfast and lunch included this is an unbeatable value. The class size is limited and spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t wait to sign up.


6 thoughts on “PhoneGap Saturday in Los Angeles

  1. Do you need a Windows 7 machine to participate? Is using Intellij a prerequiste for creating the class app? Already signed up. I have a Macbook Air. I do have my wife's old Vista laptop (in addition to my PC desktop) but it's on its last legs but I'd prefer not to use it plus I don't have all my typical applications setup on it. Thanks!


  2. A Windows machine is not needed. I will actually be presenting on a mac. Intellij runs on PC, Mac, and Linux and is functionally equivalent on all versions. I highly recommend installing and using it, unless you already have Android development setup on your machine using Eclipse or some other IDE.


  3. Great, wil do. Thanks!

    I haven't installed a Java SDK for Mac before. Honestly, I'm a bit of a noob when I comes to OSX and ironically (because this is a .NET centric group) only recently adopted it. I did some research and it appears that OSX has it's own flavor that can be updated from Apple support but that's it's sometimes lacking. Any recs? I don't want to auto update to the latest version because you said to do 6.

    Was just going to download the Linux x64 from here:

    Currently running java 1.6.0_43 when I look it up via Terminal.

    I know that you're probably busying prepping for the class, so no need to reply if you can't. I'll muddle through.


  4. Yes. I have heard good things about Sublime Text, but have never used it. The main thing that you need is an IDE which can build Android Java programs. I am only aware of two Eclipse and Intellij IDEA. And Intellij is far superior to using Eclipse.


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