JQM Skeleton Updated!

February 20th brought us a brand spanking new version of jQuery Mobile – version 1.3.0 – with new features. So I have updated the JQM Skeleton to include jQuery version 1.9.1 and the latest jQuery Mobile.  I will have another post soon to cover all of the hot new features.  In the meantime here is […]

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An Evening With jQuery Mobile

Hey all,This Tuesday, I will once again go out to the South Bay to visit my friends at the South Bay Mobile User Group. The subject? The just released 1.3 version of jQuery Mobile. Want to see the hot new features in action? Want to know what’s been deprecated? Just want to know how to […]

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Why is the DOM Slow?

I was recently ask the following question via Twitter:@therockncoder You once mentioned the DOM API as slow and jQuery as faster. Do you know what is causing the DOM to be slower?Firstly, I would like to correct the question. While I did say that the DOM is slow, I didn’t mean to imply that jQuery […]

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