Titanium First Look and Calculator

Appcelerator’s Titanium Studio (Titanium) is an interesting mobile development environment. Writing code in it isn’t like anything else I’ve coded in it. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it does take some getting used to. This post will be a multi-part review and tutorial. My goal is to learn the system by writing a calculator app. […]

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HTML5, CSS3 Test Redux

HTML5 and CSS3 are full of lots of sweet features. But it can be tricky to determine which features your device supports. Luckily there are sites out there which will report on the features  your device support. To test HTML5 features, there is the  appropriately named, HTML5Test.com and for CSS3, there is the equally appropriately named, CSS3Test.com. Back […]

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Introduction to Node.js Talk

My good friend Chander Dhall, has asked me to fill in for him on Monday, January 14th, in front of the Meetup group, HTML5/Node.js Los Angeles. The title of the presentation is, Introduction to Node.js. I am really excited to do this talk, as you might guess by some of my posts, I am a […]

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