So Cal Code Camp @ USC

If you live any where in the Southern California area, get ready! So Cal Code Camp is coming October 13th & 14th from the beautiful campus of the University of Southern California. If you are any level developer this is the event for you. Lots of sessions, from top notch speakers including me. Best of all, this event is FREE! I will be giving a four talks this time around. Please show your support by coming to my talks and saying “hi!” in person.

My talks:

Beginning HTML5 Mobile Game Programming with jQuery Mobile

Want to create a game for your hot new phone or tablet but not up to slogging through chapter after chapter of Objective-C or Java? Then this is the session for you. Take the web skills you already have and enhance them with HTML5 and jQuery Mobile to build fun games which run on all of the latest mobile devices.

In this session, I will present a sample HTML5 game engine, explain the various pieces of its architecture, and most of all explain how you can further expand it. All of the source code and slides shown will be available for download after the session.

This session will also be the basis of a Google+ Hangout On Air on Tuesday, October 16th at 6 PM, PDT. For more info:

jQuery Mobile, Backbone, and ASP.NET MVC: A Framework for Making Mobile Web Applications

Websites designed for smart phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. JQuery Mobile makes it easy to create sites for mobile devices, but it is mostly about UI. It doesn’t address the needs of an enterprise application. Things like how to load data from and persist data to the server, how to tie the JavaScript and HTML together, and minimize the amount of data transmitted. In this session I will show how to combine JQuery Mobile with Backbone.js and a ASP.NET MVC back-end. The end result is a website which is fast, efficient, and easier to enhance and maintain.

Enterprise Strength Mobile JavaScript:
Unit Testing and Debugging Mobile JavaScript in the Real World

JavaScript has a well deserved reputation of be hard to write and debug. Put it on a mobile device and the problems increase exponentially. Mobile browsers lack all of the niceties that developers rely on to do testing and debugging including the most fundamental tool, the debugger. But it is possible to write quality JavaScript on a mobile device without relying on blind luck. In this talk I will show all of the tools and tricks that I learned in my 14 month development of the new mobile site.

5 Quick JavaScript Performance Improvement Tips

JavaScript is arguably the most important language in the world. It comes included in nearly every desktop and mobile browser. It powers the client-side of apps like Facebook and GMail. It is the language of choice for mobile development environments like Apcelerator’s Titanium and Apache’s Cordova (aka Adobe’s PhoneGap). It is even on the server now in Node.js. Yet when programmer’s run into performance issue with JavaScript their first inclination is to blame its interpreted nature, not realizing that simple changes in the structure of their code can result in sometimes significant improvements in performance. In this session I will show five quick changes you can make to your JavaScript code to improve its performance and explain why they work.

All of the source code for all of my talks will be available for download after the session ends. For more information please visit the So Cal Code Camp website. Be sure to click the Interested button for all of the talks you are interested in, including some of mine. The talks with the most interest will get the biggest rooms.


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