Beginning jQuery Mobile Talk

I will be giving a talk to the jQuery LA Meetup group, on Beginning jQuery Mobile development on Tuesday, August 28th, at 7PM. Whether you are just curious about mobile development or about to begin a new project using jQuery Mobile, you will want to attend this presentation. I have been using jQuery Mobile for over […]

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Safari Online Blog Posts

I’ve done a series of guest blogs for Safari Books Online. The topic linking them all is jQuery Mobile. The subjects are:  Combine jQuery Mobile and iScroll 4 jQuery Mobile Performance Improvements jQuery Mobile Debugging Tips But don’t fear fellow coders, I will have some tasty new post coming early next covering both jQuery Mobile […]

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PhoneGap Day

I am have been in Portland since Tuesday night for OSCON 2012. Today I will be hanging with the PhoneGap team for PhoneGap Day. Looking forward to hearing what will be in version 2.0. If you are there be sure to say, “Hi.”For more info about PhoneGap Day.

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jQuery Mobile: Live Demos

Android Emulator While having the complete source code for an app is extremely valuable, being able to see a working version  of it also helps. For that reason I have many of my jQuery Mobile tutorial apps available on my Demo site.Each of the examples is intended to run from a smart phone or from either the […]

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jQuery Mobile and iScroll

I’ve done a guest blog for Safari Books Online explaining how to pair jQuery Mobile and Matteo Spinelli’s iScroll 4 together. The results is smooth interior scrolling between the header and footer by just swiping your finger across the screen. It works in either vertically or horizontally and gives your mobile site a very app-like feel. […]

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JQM Skeleton Update

This is the second version of this post. I realized late that version 1.1.1 of jQuery Mobile had been released three days ago. Since it fixes a lot of issues, I made corrections to the post and the source code to support it. The JQM Skeleton project has been updated with a few niceties to […]

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